Tata Consultancy Services Ltd: - Print tracking Solution  
We wanted to have solution which will track our networking printing & help us audit print data. Print Manager Plus help us with all the fuctionality we wanted to achive by Intcom Systems & his team. Now we can track our network printing.

Citi Bank Ltd : - Data Wiping Solution  
With more than half a million systems reallocated or recycled annually, CitiGroup IT needed an e¬cient and 100% secure means of data destruction. Because of the extreme sensitivity of the data, prior to using WipeDrive Citi relied on actual physical destruction of the drives. Physical destruction is expensive, and wasteful as these computers can can still be reused internally or donated to charitible organizations. Using Wipe Drive Enterprise PXE boot server allowed Citi to create an environment where large numbers of systems could be processed by a very small number of technicians. A single tech can process hundreds of systems daily leveraging Wipe Drive's highly automated process. As part of this procedure, Wipe Drive Enterprise diagnoses hardware issues to eliminate problems systems. Wipe Drive Enterprise provided Citi with an audit log for each piece of hardware, creating a permanent trail proving that each drive had been successfully wiped.

Atos Origin India: - Language translator software
Being IT software Development Company we get different languages documents from across the globe for which we need to reply on Human translator. With Systran Premium language translation software as recommend by Intcom Systems Pvt Ltd our documents get translated with-in clicks of mouse as per languages required. This helped our marketing team Interact with our customer in any language which helped us built communication gap.

Dream Solutions: - SAM  
Intcom Systems Pvt Ltd helped us with SAM (Software Asset Management) at our office to track on the license usage part which helped us streamline license purchase in our company.

IGATE Global Solutions Limited: - Software Procurement  
Intcom Systems Pvt Ltd is our preferred vendor for supply of software license as per our project based needs. They are providing us with complete Procurement, Delivery process & Support on the products.

ICICI Prudential's Life Insurance: - Print Manager Plus  
With around 50 + branches spread across India it was difficult to track printing jobs across the branches. With the solution offered by Intcom Systems Pvt Ltd on print tracking & controlling we over-come the issue of our print job audit & tracking problem across the braches. Now we can restrict users & control our printing cost.

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    Jan 29th 2014
    Partnership with White Canyon for distribution of Wipe Drive product in India.